Way 2 hide sd card android with top 5 apps

Top 10 Best Google Cardboard Vr Apps For Android 2019

So we have mentioned some best apps that you will surely love to try with your google cardboard. So have a look at all these apps below : > Also Read: Top 10 Best VPN For Chrome To Access Blocked Sites Best Google Cardboard VR Apps for Android 2019 This is a game that is made on the story-line of the film Star Wars hence if you have seen this movie then you can guess what you could you experience in this game. In this game you put your controls as a secret agent on Jakku,that is the desert world that you could have seen in the film Star Wars. This game also provides the VR experience on your device that makes this game a real challenge for the competitors. The best photography app released by the Google that has

some great features like it lets you capture 360-degree panoramas with VR, virtual reality photos and view them through Cardboard.This app provides exception photo experience and the difference can be seen while comparing it with others.The VR feature makes the pictures look realistic and provides some great 3D depth to the The app is just a great News and Documentary apps that you can have on your phone.This app provides you some real content of news as soon as it is available.The displaying of the content is also great and overall it provides very good experience for those who want to go through the News and Documentaries etc.

Kamu mungkin bertanya-tanya setelah membaca judul diatas: menggunakan WhatsApp? Ya, benar sekali. Seperti yang kita ketahui bersama bahwa WhatsApp kini bisa digunakan untuk mengirim semua jenis file, termasuk Apk. Berikut ini adalah cara mengirim aplikasi dari HP Android ke laptop menggunakan WhatsApp. * Buka browser di laptop kamu, kemudian login ke WhatsApp Web. Kalau belum bisa, kamu bisa baca artikel ini. * Kemudian di WhatsApp Android kamu buka obrolan dengan siapa saja. Usahakan dengan orang yang

kamu kenal. Lalu klik tombol kirim file > Document. * Kemudian silahkan pilih file Apk yang ingin kamu kirim. * Berikutnya tunggu hingga WhatsApp selesai mengupload file Apk yang ingin kamu pindahkan ke laptop. * Setelah file Apk selesai di upload, kamu bisa buka WhatsApp Web, lalu tinggal klik download saja pada file Apk yang tadi kamu kirim. * Maka sekarang aplikasi tersebut sudah tersimpan di laptop kamu. Bagaimana, sangat simpel dan mudah bukan? Cara

ini cocok untuk kamu yang ingin cara simpel tapi juga cepat. Nah, itu dia tadi beberapa cara yang bisa Sobat Androbuntu gunakan untuk memindahkan aplikasi dari Android ke laptop. Cara-cara diatas juga bisa digunakan untuk sebaliknya, yaitu mengirim aplikasi dari laptop ke HP Android. Cara Download Aplikasi Android Di Laptop & PC Seperti yang kita ketahui bersama bahwa Google Play Store adalah sumber utama bagi para pengguna Android untuk mendownload aplikasi. Namun sayangnya, untuk mendownload

aplikasi dan game dari Google Play Store kita hanya bisa melakukannya dari HP Android. Jika kita mengakses website Google Play dari laptop, kita tidak bisa mendownload file APK darinya. Sehingga untuk mendownload file APK kita perlu mencarinya di internet di berbagai website yang tidak begitu jelas asal-usulnya. Padahal kalau bisa mendownload langsung dari Google Play Store, kita bisa mendapatkan versi terbaru dan dijamin keamanannya. Tapi, Sobat Androbuntu tenang saja. Pada tutorial kali ini saya akan

menjelaskan bagaimana caranya mendownload aplikasi Android di Google Play Store dari laptop dan PC. Dengan cara ini, kita bisa download aplikasi dan game yang ada di Google Play Sehingga selain aman, kita juga akan mendapatkan versi terbaru dari aplikasi dan game yang kita inginkan. Tertarik? Ikuti panduan lengkapnya dibawah ini.

Android Auto and CarPlay are mobile apps. They enable users to mirror the features from mobile to the car entertainment head unit. So you can imagine that you can use them to mirror Spotify music to your car audio system. What's the difference between them? Android Auto is designed by Google for Android phones with Lollipop or above systems. While CarPlay is created by Apple for iPhone 5 and newer models with at least iOS 7.1. They both support GPS navigation, maps, telephony, messaging, and so on. It also supports music apps, like Google Play Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and much more. This should be one of the best ways to make Spotify songs to sing in the car. The

only problem is that not all kinds of aftermarket car stereos are compatible with them. Step 1. Launch your Android phone and log into the Spotify app. Step 2. Connect your mobile phone to the car stereo system which is compatible Step 3. You can launch Spotify on your stereo to start playing music. Step 1. Log into the Spotify app on your iPhone. Step 2. Connect the iPhone to a compatible car infotainment system via USB Step 3. If Spotify is already playing, it will continue to play in the car. Else, you can open the Spotify app in the car stereo.


Way 2 Hide Sd Card Android With Top 5 Apps

Top 12 Best Loyalty Card Apps For Android Ios

Having a loyalty program is very useful, but it comes to a problem which most people face. Many times, people notice that they have left their loyalty card at home, or they lose it. It is annoying because people lose out on their points and discounts. To avoid this, people install a “Loyalty Card App” on their phones. You just have to type the number or scan your loyalty card in the app and your loyalty card is stored in the app. Then, you just have to ask the cashier to scan the barcode, and you’ll get your discount or points. Below is a list of some of the best loyalty card apps for Android and iOS


Top 10 Best Car Learning Apps For Android

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